Sunday, 17 May 2015

Anti-sub vessel INS Kavaratti set for launch next week

Kavaratti, the last of the four anti -submarine warfare class stealth corvettes being built for India under Project 28, will be launched here next week.

Designed by the Directorate of Naval Design and built by Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers, the contract for the construction of four P28 ships was signed in June, 2012, with the project priced at Rs 7,800 crore.

The corvette, with a displacement of 3,300 tonnes, has a lenght of 109.1 metres and measures 13.7-m at beam.

The ship is propelled by four diesel engines to achieve speeds in excess of 25 knots and has an endurance of more than 3,400 nautical miles.

Defence sources said that about 90 per cent of Kavaratti is indigenous and the ship is "well equipped" to fight in nuclear, chemical and biological warfare conditions.

INS Kamorta, the first ship under this project, was commissioned by the Navy last year.

Kadmatt and Kiltan are scheduled for delivery between 2015-2017.

Launching of a ship means transferring the vessel to water. 

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  1. Wow...It's good to hear that Indian navy getting boosted by addition of another gem "Kavaratti ASW corvette".It is the fourth anti submarine warfare of Project-28.It is powered by 4 diesel engines and at a speed of 25kn.It also have a capacity to carry and operate one multi-role helicopter.Wish to see more ASW in Indian Navy.