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Complete information & Analysis on Talwar class frigates designed and built by Russia for the Indian Navy. Part 1

Patrol boat of the 2nd rank / frigate. The development of an export version of TFR / frigate launched in the mid-1980s the North PKB (Leningrad) on the basis of Raman pr.11351, chief designer - Vilor passes. In the design of the ship involves placing RCC "Uranus" and a new type of SAM. The first series of frigates pr.11356 (3 pieces) for the Indian Navy built at the Baltic Shipyard (St. Petersburg) in 1999-2004 Signing a contract for the supply - November 17, 1997 Head frigate laid on the slipway in 1999 

Launching of the first two ships of the series - 2000 series head frigate INS Talwar transferred to the Indian Navy June 18, 2003 In 2007 (contract signed in 2006 in the amount of 1.6 billion. USD) began construction of the second series pr.11356 ships for the Indian Navy (3 pieces). Changed the composition of the equipment installed on ships missile system PKR BrahMos . pr.11356R Building of ships for the Russian Navy launched 18.12.2010, the laying of the first TFR "Admiral Grigorovich," a series of three ships in the project. 

Total, as of 2012 it is planned to build 6 frigates.Construction of the first three being under contract №704 / 27/2 / JSC / CN / 1176-10 from 28.10.2010, the second of three contract №3 / 1/1/0553 / GK-11-DGOZ from 13.09.2011 Mr. . ( ist. - Annual Report SPKB, 2011 ). Under the first contract March 29, 2011 signed a contract COR "Yanrar" with the North PKB: - for technical support and supervision during the construction manager. №01357 Project 11356 166 mln. Rubles., - to develop the documentation and technical support for the construction of ships of project 11356 - to 710.96 million. rubles.

Frigate Trishul F43 pr.11356, 2003 (photo Przemyslaw Gurgurewicz, http://pvo.guns.ru ).

Pr.11356 frigate INS Tarkash sea trials, of 22.07.2012 (file photo Curious, http://forums.airbase.ru ). Photomontage with ships pr.11356 - F40 INS Talwar, F43 INS Trishul. Photo used no later than August 2010 (Vival, http://fotki.yandex.ru ). From left to right: F40 INS Talwar, F43 INS Trishul project 11356 Photos not later than August 2010 (photo - Vival, http: //fotki.yandex.ru ).

Pr.11356 frigate of the Indian Navy. The photo INS Teg or ship the first series for the Indian Navy ( http://www.shipyard-yantar.ru ).

The propulsion system - two-shaft gas turbine plant (GSTU) type COGAG M7N1, consisting of two afterburning turbine engines (GTE) DT-59 production GP Research and Production Complex "Zorya" - "Mashproekt" (Ukraine) with a capacity of 22,000 hp and two propulsion turbine engine of economic progress in the DC-71 production GP Research and Production Complex "Zorya" - "Mashproekt" (Ukraine) with a capacity of 8450 hp, working through complex gears on the two shafts and two fixed pitch propeller (FPP). Screw manufacturing series of frigates for the Russian Navy conducted at the Baltic Shipyard (St. Petersburg).
Maximum power plant capacity - 2 x 30450 hp In 2014, after the cessation of military-technical cooperation with Ukraine began preparing for the release of motor units for ships of the project in Russia. Estimated manufacturer - company "Turborus." It is expected that the first propulsion localized production will start to arrive at the plant in 2016-2017 gg

Screw frigate "Admiral Essen" pr.11356R. launching, 11/07/2014 (photo - Vitaly Nevar, http://itar-tass.com/ ).

Energy - 4 x diesel generators WCM-800 with a capacity of 800 kW (on Indian frigates)

Projection and the cut TFR pr.11356 - Mod.KRIVAK-III (reconstruction of the Personnel of the film "The ship of a new generation"http://militaryrussia.ru ).

TTX ship :
crew - 180 people (including 18 officers) maximum length - 124.8 m width - 15.2 m Draft: - 4.2 / 4.5 m (standard displacement) - 7.5 m (overall) Displacement full - 4035 tons displacement standard - 3620/3830 m Speed ​​full speed - 30 kt speed of economic progress - 14 ktCruising range: - 4,500 miles (18 kt) - 4850 miles (14 kt) Autonomy - 30 days Cost: - frigate pr. 11356 (1997 г.) was ok.330 million. USD - frigate pr.11356 second series (2006) was ok.533 million. USD

Armament :
 pr. 11356 first series for Indiapr. 11356 second series for India
"Admiral Grigorovich" / pr. 11356 M or pr.11356R
RCC8 x RCC 3M54E / SS-N-27-N complex Slub Design Bureau "Innovator", Bratislava, export option to install vertical launch 3S14E, OMS-11356 3R14N development NGOs "Agate"; target information from CICS or RFCs targeting 3TS25E8 x PKR BrahMos - to install vertical launch 3S14E, OMS-11356 3R14N development NGOs "Agate"Vertical launching system 3S14 production Baltic Shipyard (PU, St. Petersburg), the OMS-11356 3R14N development NGOs "Agate" - missile system "Caliber" - missile complex "Onyx "

SAMSAM " Calm "- 1 launcher with ammunition 3S90E 9M317E 24 missiles, with 4 x MSA SAM radar MR-90" Walnut "/ FRONT DOMESAM " Calm "- 1 launcher with ammunition 3S90E 9M317E 24 missiles, with 4 x MSA SAM radar MR-90" Walnut "/ FRONT DOMESAM "Calm-1" - 3 x vertical launch missile launchers with ammunition 3S90E.1 3 x 12 missiles, probably 4 x MSA SAM radar MR-90 "Walnut" / FRONT DOME
ArtilleryA-190E - 1 x 100 mm gun mount with MSA 5P-10E "Puma"A-190E - 1 x 100 mm gun mount with MSA 5P-10E "Puma"A-190-1 - 1 x 100 mm gun mount with MSA 5P-10 "Puma"
SPAR / AKSPAR " Chestnut "- 2 combat unit on the aft superstructure (can be replaced for" Kashtan-M "in the operation) Ammo 6000 rds., 64 SAM 3M311E2 x 6-barrel 30mm automatic AK-630M2 x 6-barrel 30mm automatic AK-630M
MANPADSMANPADS "Igla-1E" - 8 pcs.MANPADS "Igla-1E" - 8 pcs.No Information
Torpedo-tubeDTA-53-11356 - 2 x 2 units, in niches board, caliber 533 mm putts "Snowstorm" ammunition - torpedo type SET-65SE, ​​53-65KEDTA-53-11356 - 2 x 2 units, in niches board, caliber 533 mm putts "Snowstorm" ammunition - torpedo type SET-65SE, ​​53-65KEDTA-53-11356 - 2 x 2 units, in niches board, caliber 533 mm putts "Snowstorm" ammunition - torpedo type SET-65SE, ​​53-65KE
RBURBU-6000 complex RFC-8E - 1 plant in the bow of the ship, ammunition 48 RSL-60 or 90rRBU-6000 complex RFC-8E - 1 plant in the bow of the ship, ammunition 48 RSL-60 or 90rNo Information
Jamming4 PU CT-216 complex PC-10 "Bold"4 PU CT-216 complex PC-10 "Bold"No Information
Helicopterlanding pad and hangar for helicopter Ka-28 and Ka-31landing pad and hangar for helicopter Ka-28 and Ka-31landing pad and hangar for helicopter Ka-28 and Ka-31
According to unconfirmed unofficial data headaches three settings A-190E is released under the "Arsenal" in violation of the technology of system loading. Consequences - at a single firing unit operates normally, but when firing bursts devices fail mechanically damaged deck.Identified weaknesses were still in testing at the site in Rzhevka conducted revision improved the situation only when shooting single shots (ist. - Fear passed).

PU vertical launch 3S14E on TFR pr.11356 ( http://alternathistory.org.ua ). Vertical launching system 3S14E on TFR pr.11356 - Mod.KRIVAK-III (the movie "The ship of the new generation", http: // www. youtube.com ). Start with PKR BrahMos presumably frigate INS Teg pr.11356 during maneuvers Indian Navy TROPEX-2013. Posted on 03/02/2013, the ( http://livefist.blogspot.ru ). The launcher with a rocket 3S90E 9M317E SAM " Calm ". Transfer the Indian Navy frigate INS Teg (F45) on the COR "Amber", Kaliningrad, 27.04.2012, the (photo - I.A.Mihaylov, http://forums.airbase.ru ). SAM "Calm-1 "launchers with vertical launch 3S90E.1 (left) on the model of the frigate pr.11356R, 2012 (photo - A.V.Karpenko, http://bastion-karpenko.ru/ ).

Frigate pr.11356 Trishul Indian Navy and installing A-190E option 1, 2003 (photo Przemyslaw Gurgurewicz, http://pvo.guns.ru ). Artillery unit A-190E for frigates pr.11356 (photo - Sergey Smolski, http://itar-tass.com/ ).

Gradebook stralba 100-mm gun mount A-190 frigate INS Teg (F45), Baltic, of 22.12.2011 ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE-Rbdeu5Lw ). The firing artillery installation A-190- 1E frigate INS Trikand pr.11356 factory during sea trials in the Baltic city of 02/05/2013 - 14/03/2013 (photo - V. Grib, Forward! №4 / 2013). The loading installation A-190-1 on TFR "Admiral Grigorovich" pr.11356R. Shipyard "Yantar" May 15, 2014 (photo - S.Mihaylov, "Forward!" From 23.05.2014, the Via http://navy-korabel.livejournal.com/ ). Launching of the frigate "Admiral Essen" pr.11356R with Gun Mount A-190-1, 11/07/2014 (photo - Vitaly Nevar, http://itar-tass.com/ ).

Firing installation RBU-6000 during sea trials INS Tarkash Indian Navy, the Baltic, summer 2012 ( http://www.shipyard-yantar.ru ).weapons systems in the bow of the frigate INS Trikand pr.11356. Picture taken during factory sea trials in the Baltic Sea, the period 05-28.02.2013 (photo - M.Zavadsky, Forward! №3 / 2013). Installation of the first torpedo DTA-53-11356 on TFR "Admiral Grigorovich" pr.11356R, 18/06/2014 (photo Sergei Mikhailov, "Forward!" №11 / 2014).

Equipment :

pr.11356 first series for India
pr.11356 second series for India
"Admiral Grigorovich" / pr.11356M
CICS (combat information management system)"Requirement M" are connected via Ethernet LAN terminals 8 T-171 battle management processes (18 "LCD-displays) and 3 T-server 162, in the same network operating system T-119, T-190 and datacenter Radar T-181"The demand-M""The demand-M" ( source )
Radar detection of air targetsPhased array radar "Fregat-M2EM" / TOP PLATE, frequency range E;
antenna speed - 6/12 rev / min
Range - up to 300 km
Radar detection of surface targets and targetRadar 3TS25E "Chestnut" / "Harpoon-B", the frequency range I; target designation missile complex Club-N
Range - up to 500 km
Radar JMAMSA 5P10E radar gun mount A-190E with electro-optical and TV Vizier, the developer - CB "Amethyst" producer - JSC "Ratep";
Detection range - 60 km radar FCS MR-SAM 90 "Walnut"
Navigation system and radarRadar MR-212 / 201-1, the frequency range I; radar "Bridge Master" radar "Nucleus-2-6000A"Inertial "Ladoga-ME-11356" produced by the NGO "Elektropribor"

REP complexTC-25E-5  
SJC and the ASGSJC APSON ( Advanced Panoramic Sonar Hull ) - active-passive sonar with target selection and automatic tracking for dr.dannym - GAS bel HUMSA ( Hull Mounted Sonar Array ) - Panoramic active-passive HOOK development Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL, India) . HAS MG-345 "Bronze" (possibly) GAS SSN-137 / STEER HIDE (not confirmed), midrange, active search;

Complex communicationsSSC Mk2  
Superstructure frigate Trishul pr.11356 with radar antenna post (view from the right side), 2003 (photo Przemyslaw Gurgurewicz,http://pvo.guns.ru  + reconstruction http://militaryrussia.ru ). Antenna posts frigate INS Teg (F45) pr.11356 second series. Transfer frigate of the Indian Navy on Shipyard "Yantar", Kaliningrad, of 27.04.2012 (author photo - I.A.Mihaylov, http://forums.airbase.ru ).

Modifications : - pr.11356 - frigate URO / TFR, Northern PKB developed since the mid-1980s. Two series of 3 pieces and are being built for the Indian Navy.

Side view of the frigate URO pr.11356 Talwar ( http://russian-ships.info ). Projections TFR pr.11356 ( http://military-press.livejournal.com ).

- Pr.11356R (previously encountered - "pr.11356M") - a variant of the frigate / TFR for the Russian Navy. The lead ship "Admiral Grigorovich," laid on 18.12.2010, the GCC "Amber". Under two contracts CVD "Amber" is to build six frigates pr.11356R for the Russian Navy (data for 2012, source ).

Model frigate pr.11356R, 2012 (photo - A.V.Karpenko, http://bastion-karpenko.ru/ ).

Status : Russia - 2010 October 28 - The Russian Defense Ministry has signed a contract with CVD "Amber" (Kaliningrad) to build three TFR pr.11356 (possibly pr.11356M). The contract was signed following a tender in which participated as well Amur Shipbuilding Plant "Severnaya Verf", "Admiralty Shipyards" and the Baltic Shipyard. The construction period for the contract amount (the first ship) 2 years and 10 months. - 2010 December 18 - in the GCC "Amber" laid the head TFR "Admiral Grigorovich" pr.11356M of a series of three TFR for the Russian Navy. Bookmark the second ship - "Admiral Essen" to be held July 8, 2011

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