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MiG 29 UPG, See the IFR, TV guided Bombs and Tank behind the Cockpit

The Indian Air force First Modern fourth Generation Air superiority fighter is the MiG 29. It was produced in mind of Fighting against new American rivals F 15 and the F 16. and The Indian Airforce is the first foreign customer of MiG 29. IAF ordered a Batch of MiG 29 even before it certified the FOC. the Mig formally inducted into the IAF during the 1985 two years later in the Soviet Air force.

MiG 29 is the combat proven fighter in the Indian standards, they flew missions during Kargil, they did close escort for other IAF Bombers they did CAP near to Indian Borders, even more a Indian MiG 29 Locks a Bakistani F 16 through it's deadly BVR missile. due to the orders the F 16 survived, actually the Mig 29 is the best fighter in comparison with Bakistani F 16, since ages the MiG need an excessive upgrade to keep fighting in the Modern Battlefield.

The Indian Airforce Planned to upgrade it's MiG 29 Fleet into modern standard that is the UPG version which will makes the UPG better in all variant of other MiG 29. as of Now the Indian Navy alone operates world's best MiG 29 version the Mig 29 K and KUB version, even after only the Russian Navy placed an order to acquire a squad of Mig 29K to it's Navy, Mostly The Mig 29 operates from the Carrier the Vikramaditya. but can also used from Shore based Naval Runways. IAF planned it's MiG 29 fleet should be more equal to the Navy's MiG 29.The Indian Air force Operates more than 70 MiG 29 B fighters.

Actually the Initial Mig 29 B which is perform only Air superiority Mission, which can intercept Dog fight and Flew CAP, but the new UPG standard allows the Fighter to Attack moving ground Targets, Air to sea warfare and decent Day night and all weather capabilities.

India signed an agreement to the Russia to upgrade the total IAF MiG 29 B fighters into latest UPG Standards the deal signed at $900 million. the deal also covers the first six of the Mig 29 will be Upgraded in Russia while remaining migs will be Upgraded in India, and the Contract Signed in 2009. the Upgrade plans to make the Mig 29 more service life and improved performance.the Major Modernization aspects are the Radar, Sensor Suite, modern Airframe, Modern Cock pit, improved Avionics,

Radar Zuhk ME

The Phazatron Zhuk ME Radar

      The N010M Zhuk-M radaer is the Passive Radar which is most suitable for advanced Air to surface mode to fly and Attack at very low due to the Radar's Terrain Mapping and Following who guide the Pilot to fly at very low altitudes. the radar can pick upto sixty Airborne Targets and able to detect targets beyond 200 kilometers. the Radar also allows the Pilot to attack multiple Targets in same time.also a good option of Monitoring a single unit or Building for long time. which is a Very useful option in non conventional and hybrid warfares

The Radar also incorporates the IRST. A infrared search and Track optics which can launch heat seeking missiles without using the Radars also used for launching TV guided Missiles.

Avionics and Sensors 

          Here again the Indian Master piece mind think  that adding Indo Israeli French Avionics and EW suites into the System, A variety of sensors being installed produced by the French firms and Indian Mission computers and Communication links produced by BEL and HAL, also the Avionics suites Software and Data links are came from Israeli's . same like what the Su 30 MKI version having.


Top Sight 1 HMD, Tejas, Mirage 2000 and MiG 29 K Uses the same

     the Pilots Helmet Mounted Display Manufactured by the Thales Samtel named Top Sight. which is a modern multi mission capable HUD. which can improve the Missile Launching and Flying performance, the Same HUD also used by Indian Mirage 2000 and Naval Mig 29 K fleet.


       The upgrade also include changing the  Main Engine into more Powerful series 3 Kilmov RD 33 engines each can produce 50 kN in normal and 81 kN in full afterburner mode. those series 3 engines will be fitted in the MiG 29 K, UPG and Russian Air force MiG 29 SMT versions


          The Upgrade also include change the entire analog Cockpit into Multifunctional Digital Display. which can help the pilot took decisions faster, able to collect Target information, Surveillance mission and can able to perform more in Combat Air Patrol Missions.


       Deal also include structural change of Airframe earlier Models doesn't have wet points to carry more External fuel Tanks and Internal fuel tank is also smaller, but newer version include added upto five We points also large modification behind the Cockpit to carry more internal fuel to Saty in the Air more time, also earlier Mig 29 doesn't have  IFR (Inflight Refueling Probe ) but the Upgraded versions include the Refueling Probe.

          The deal also include array of Air to Air, Air to Surface and Air to Sea Missiles, the Upgrade standard is same equal as the Russian Upgrade standard of SMT, also The Russians already completed and returned all six MiG 29 UPG to India, and India also successfully upgrade a MiG 29 in home to the Standard of UPG, and It's successfully flown and meets all Mission requirements

IAF's MiG-29UPG Upgrade Package Detailed

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