Monday, 13 April 2015

36 Fly away Rafales for India

The Prime Minister of India asked the French President to deliver 36 Rafale Aircraft's as soon as Possible, that means The PM wants those 36 Rafales quickly.

          The deal wasn't signed yet, but the Joint Announcement made the 36 Numbers, that's why there is no information about Price, Model, Delivery and Weapon Packages.

         The French President Hollande said Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian would travel to India soon to finalise the deal.

            Also Dassault Cheif Eric Trappier also feels good about the Deal of Supplying Rafales to 60 years of long time customer India.

        Some Indian Defence Officials said this contract is different from MMRCA, and the MMRCA still negotiations,

          Some sources said the MMRCA grow from 126 to 144 , while the 18 Fly away condition Rafale doubled by 36.

    The Rafael Model Expected as F 3 Version, also comes with Bunch of Weapons Package, along with Powerful RBE 2 AESA Radar
      the Deal not yet signed, but the rush of urgency, IAF would recive atleast two Rafales before the End of the Year.

          Also some French Sources said, Dassault could deliver the current Indian, Egypt French Orders before 2019.

         There were plenty of very important Nuclear, Energy, Counter Terrorism Agreements also Signed.

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