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Complete Information and Analysis on The Ka-52 - HOKUM-B

Weatherproof clock combat helicopter / helicopter army commander aircraft. Designed for the Russian Air Force "Kamov" (Lyubertsy) on OCD "Vanguard-1", Chief Designer - Sergey Mikheev. Serial production is AAK "Progress" (Arseniev Primorsky Krai). Proposals for the establishment of a specialized complex helicopter reconnaissance, targeting and coordination of actions of groups attack helicopters project B-60 put forward by OKB "Kamov" in 1984. The complex was supposed the use of radar and RL. In the early 1990s, decided to use the achievements of this complex on a double modification of the Ka-50.

The development of the Ka-52 on the basis of impact Ka-50 started in 1994 and in September 1994, A model of the new helicopter, which was first shown at MAKS-1995. Production of the prototype Ka-52 started pilot production OKB "Kamov "In 1996, the Ka-52 prototype created by tampering with the serial Ka-50 serial №01-02 (formerly board №021). Prototype completed in November 1996, the prototype 19/11/1996 - board №061 - shows reporters. The first flight of the prototype Ka-52 took place June 25, 1997, the pilot - Smirnov. The first helicopter pilot plant batch made ​​its first flight in Arseniev June 27, 2008 Total in 2008 built two prototype Ka-52 helicopter. Thus in the state joint tests presented three experienced helicopter. In 2008, during the state joint tests obtained preliminary conclusion on the issue of the initial batch of Ka-52 helicopters.

The Ka-52 board №22 yellow, Chernigovka airbase, 03.06.2013, the ( ).

Layout Ka-52 at MAKS-1995, Ramenskoye, August 1995 (photo - Vladimir Vorobiev, ).

Serial production of the initial batch of Ka-52 at the "Progress" launched 29.10.2008 By the end of 2008 the first stage of state tests of the helicopter and the state commission adopted a preliminary opinion on the issue of the initial batch of Ka-52. The first three helicopters mounting series set in the Russian Air Force in 2009. The program of state tests Ka-52 completed in 2010. In 2011, the Air Force began deliveries of serial helicopters Ka-52. In November 2011, successfully completed the program state tests Ka-52 with upgraded sighting and navigation system - radar "Crossbow". Last Party 2011 - 4 helicopter - delivered to the Air Force (Chernigovka) radar "Crossbow", later planned to upgrade previously delivered helicopters.

Collage with a helicopter pilot batch of Ka-52 board №063 Yellow ( ). Finished goods parked AAK "Progress" Arseniev, probably in 2011 (photo - the press service of AAK "Progress ", ).

October 25, 2013 the commander of 344th Combat Training Center and retraining flight personnel of Army Aviation in Torzhok Colonel Andrei Popov told media that the Ka-52 are in the Russian Air Force in trial operation. The design - a classic coaxial helicopter scheme.Fuel tanks protecting and explosion-proof, vital systems and units have additional protection or duplicated. The helicopter is fitted with an automatic fire extinguishing system and built-in control systems and equipment. Cabin crew has an additional book.

Assembling the Ka-52 in AAK "Progress". On the assembly line helicopters with time "production" chassis (except the last photo).Arseniev, April 2012 (photo - Smit_Smitty, ).

The cabin layout Ka-52 (1994) performed using design elements cockpit Ka-50 and then have a prototype Ka-52 was replaced with a modern design. In the manufacture of a prototype based on the serial Ka-50 helicopter dismantled forward fuselage to the frame and rebuilt №18.

The Ka-52 board №94 yellow, summer 2011 (Photo - Elvis, ). Landing gear serial Ka-52. AAK "Progress", Arseniev, April 2012 (photo - Smit_Smitty, ).

Engines :
1) 2 x TVD TV3-117VMA / TV3-117VMA-SBM1V capacity of 2260 hp development and production of plant im.V.Ya.Klimova. TV3-117VMA-SBM1V made ​​in Ukraine, but can be applied including Ka-52 ( annual report of "Russian Helicopters", 2008 ). 2) 2 x TVD VK-2500 / TV3-117VMA-SB3 with a capacity of 2500 hp takeoff and 2,700 hp in the extreme conditions. In the process of production is planned to install these engines jointly develop KB plant them V.Ya.Klimova (St. Petersburg) and JSC "Motor Sich" (Ukraine). The auxiliary power unit AI-9V.

TTH helicopters
 : Crew - 2 persons Overall length (with screws) - 16 m (15.9 m dr.dannym) Fuselage length - 14.2 m rotor diameter - 14.5 m Wingspan - 7.3 m height - 4.9 m maximum take-off mass of - 10,800 kg / 11,300 kg (according to different data) Take-off weight is normal - 10400 kg Empty weight - 7800 kg Payload weight - 2000 kg / 2800 kg (?) Weight of fuel: - internal tanks - 1487 kg - 2 PTB - 1732 kg Maximum speed: - in level flight - 310 km / h - a hollow dive - 350 km / h cruising speed - 250 km / h speed minimum application NAR - 100 km / h speed flight side - 80 km / h speed flight back - 90 km / h Range Ferry - 1200/1160 km (with PTB)Range practical - 520 km Ceiling static - 3600 m Ceiling dynamic - 5000m of climb - 10/16 m / s maximum operating overload - 3.5Gpermissible angle of heel - + -70 degrees (?) Allowable pitch - + -60 degrees (?) Duration of autonomous operation without maintenance in the field - up to 15 days duration of the production cycle of the helicopter (2011-2012) - 9 months

 : located on the 4 (for experienced and first production) or 6 ( on production machines manufactured in 2011 or later) hardpoints under the wings and fuselage is built in (gun).

 The Ka-52 prototypeThe Ka-52 series
ArtilleryGun Mount P-800 with 30 mm 2A42 cannon, ammunition 460/500 shots. The gun has a limited degree of freedom in the horizontal and vertical planes, selective diet, different firing modes.similarly As of summer 2011, military units not worked through the use of mobility gun mount.
Rocket-driven12 x ATGM "Whirlwind"12 x 9K113U ATGM "Sturm-slave" with guided by a laser beam ("path"), in the future the complex will provide and radio command guidance
Rocket other2 x X-guided missiles and the like 25ML
2 x 2 x missile "Needle-B" for use as a rocket "air-to-air"
2 x rocket "air-to-air" P-73 (intended for production machines use is provided)
similarly as of summer 2011 in military units is incorrect
Unmanaged2 x blocks NAR S-13
4 x blocks NAR C-8
4 x NUR C-24 bombs, containers types FAB-500, FAB-250, FAB-120, FAB-100; KMGU-2, RBC 500, RBC-250; incendiary tanks ST-500;

OthersContainers with guns UPK-23-250
PTB 4 x 500 l

9K113U ATGM "Storm slave" on the suspension Ka-52 board №94 yellow, St. Petersburg, July 3, 2011 (photo - Maxim Khusainov, ).

Equipment :
 The Ka-52Ka-52K
GuidanceWeatherproof clock radio-electronic sighting system with advanced combat functions sighting system works in the optical, infrared and radar ranges, combined multiplex equipment tires in a single informational complex millimeter wave radar "Crossbow" RN01 development NGOs "Fazotron-NIIR", Chief Designer V. bushes, on the first production helicopter is not installed (board №№92-95). Certificate of completion of state tests helicopter with radar and GOES-451 was signed in mid-November 2011, started mass production of radar. gyro-stabilized optoelectronic station GOES-451 development of the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant. Certificate of completion of state tests helicopter with radar and GOES-451 was signed in mid-November 2011 Target detection range: - day - 10 km - at night - 5-6 kmrange target identification at night - 3-4 km on the prototype board to №061 2007 set gyrostabilized RL "Boxwood-E" in the ball rolling diameter of 640 mm above the cockpit with a second camera on the left side under the nose cone (in the 1990s used a different version of the RL); station includes daytime television system, a thermal imager (France), laser range-finder and designator laser spot. By turning on the nose obttekatelem (sector 110 degrees) platform installed surveillance and attack system "Rotor" two optical windows in one - the thermal imager "Victor" (France). Later on-site station "Rotor" planned to install radar "Crossbow" supplemented nadvtulochnoy radar detection of air targets. By the summer of 2008 on the same prototype RL redone - established under the truncated nose cone radar. The third version of the RL - a full nose cone radar RL with two spherical modules - helicopter aboard №062, 2009. The final version of the RL - under a single full nose cone.

Radar development "Fazotron-NIIR" modules two ranges: millimeter "Crossbow" RN01 and 3-cm band. The mass of a dual-band radar will be expected to 80-90 kg. As of April 2012 the development of radar underway.gyro-stabilized optoelectronic station GOES-451 ( source )
Navigationequipment combined into a single multiplexed buses information complex 
OppositionThermal radiation shielding device engines complex EW airborne defense L-370V52 (CDB development Automation, Omsk) Radar warning receiver radar SPO-15 "Birch"

Airborne defense L-370 ( source )
CabinHandles control helicopter is on the left and right pilot seats. Most of the equipment cabin instead of the traditional electromechanical pointers made using LCD displays. Required aerobatic and sighting information is also displayed on the HUD pilot. At the disposal of the navigator-operator has a binocular periscope-optical system with a high magnification, which is sight in the spherical fairing under the cockpit. 
OthersVsevysotnye vseskorostnye ejection seats and pilot and navigator K-37 / K-37-800, the system of shooting penguins at ejection. 

One option radar "Crossbow"
 , Museum of the corporation "Fazotron-NIIR", 2004-2005, (Photo - Eugene Erokhin, ).radar "Crossbow" helicopter Ka-52 ( ).

Modifications : Ka-52 "Alligator" / 806 product (prototype) - Hokum-B - the base model of the Ka-52 - the result of deep modernization of the Ka-50 - HOKUM-A.

The first prototype of the Ka-52 board №061 yellow on trial operation of the helicopter from the Navy ships, the Northern Fleet, of 03.09.2011 ( ). Probably one of the pre-production prototype Ka-52 - at plane is not installed optoelectronic station. Possibly used for the tests. Arseniev probably 2010-2011, (Photo - the press service of AAK "Progress", ).

- Ka-52 "Alligator" - HOKUM-B (obr.2011 city) - serial helicopters release AAK "Progress" sample 2011 helicopter is equipped with a full-time board defense, 6 hardpoints under the wings. Usually performed in the new dark color. apparently not all helicopters manufactured in 2011 made ​​by this option.

The Ka-52 pilot batch in a standard set of standard equipment including defense - board №52 and №53 yellow board ( ). Serial Ka-52 manufactured in 2011 Arseniev probably 2011-2012 city (Photo - the press service of AAK "Progress", ).

- Ka-52A - modification mentioned in the annual report of JSC "Helicopters of Russia" in 2008 no other data. Perhaps this is a working name of Ka-52 modified with upgraded sighting and navigation system, including radar "Crossbow." -

Ka-52K - Hokum-B mod.
 - Maritime ("ship") modification of the Ka-52. It is supposed to base this type of helicopters landing ships, helicopter carriers " Mistral "Russian Navy. As of 2010 the first batch of helicopters planned to build in 2012. The plans were never realized. October 9, 2013 Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said that in 2014, the test should be completed Ka-52K and planned to order the aircraft factory "Progress" 32 shipborne helicopter (probably Ka-52K). Staffing aboard the helicopter carrier "Mistral" planned basing 8 Ka-52K and 8 Ka-29. Helicopter differs from the basic model folding propellers and wing panels, as well as reinforced chassis. The helicopter is expected to use a dual band radar development "Fazotron-NIIR".

Model Ka-52K (photo - Vitaly Kuzmin, ). The first flight of the first Ka-52K Arseniev, March 7, 2015 (photo - Alex Sukonin, ) .

 : - 2009 - The media reported the estimated cost of 20 million USD.

 : Russia - December 1996 - Ka-52 demonstrated at the air show Aero India-1996. - 1997 June 25 - The first flight of the Ka -52 pilot - Smirnov. - 2008 June 27 - the first helicopter pilot plant batch made ​​its first flight in Arseniev. - 8 August 2008 - at the "Progress" in Arseniev started serial production of Ka 52. The production capacity of the plant - 2 helicopters per month. - 29 October 2008 - started assembly of the initial batch of Ka-52 at the plant "Progress." - 2008 December 26 - The Russian government has decided to start mass production of Ka-52 helicopters. - 2009 November - during a visit to St. Petersburg ship "Mistral" French Navy worked out the Ka-52 landing on the flight deck of the ship. - December 2010 - 4 serial Ka-52 (bort.№№92-94 yellow) was the 344th Center for operational use and retraining of pilots of army aviation in Torzhok Tver region. - 2011 February 8 - 4 serial Ka-52 (bort.№№92-94 yellow) formally adopted 344th TsBPiP LSAA in Torzhok. Initiated practical retraining pilots on the Ka-52. - 2011 May 22 - 4 Ka-52 helicopter arrived at the airbase Chernigovka in Primorsky Krai (Eastern Military District). As of May 20, 2011 produced 12 Ka-52 (for 2011).

The Ka-52 board №94 yellow, St. Petersburg, July 3, 2011 (photo - Maxim Khusainov, ).

- 2011 August 31 - a contract between JSC "Russian Helicopters" and OPK "Oboronprom" in the production and delivery of 140 helicopters Ka-52 in the amount of 120 billion rubles. up to 2020 - 2011 05 September - in the media announced the completion of the test the Ka-52 in marine environments. Within two weeks, worked out operation of the helicopter - a prototype board №061 - a ship runway BOD "Vice Admiral Kulakov". The tests took place in the waters of the Kola Bay and the Barents Sea. According to the results announced on the possibility of operating such helicopters with the Russian Navy.

Planting Ka-52 on board №061 BOD "Vice Admiral Kulakov," standing on a barrel on the roads of Severomorsk, 31.08.2011 (photo - gorbatuy111, ). Ka-52 board №061 yellow on trial operation of the helicopter with the Navy ships, together with pr.1155 BOD "Vice Admiral Kulakov," Northern Fleet, 03.09.2011, the ( ).

- 2011 October 8 - according to unconfirmed reports signed the Act of acceptance in the Air Force 5 serial Ka-52 helicopters. To date, the airbase in Chernigovka already based 8 Ka-52 helicopters. During 2011 in Torzhok crashed two helicopters Ka-52 - according to unconfirmed reports - both the fault of the crew (one helicopter made ​​an unplanned landing on its belly - that fell, the second helicopter after abrupt maneuvers loposti lost 2 and made ​​an emergency landing ). - 2011 01 November - in the media reported that at the airbase based Chernigovka for 12 Ka-52 helicopters. Judging by the context of press reports, all of them will go on air in 2011. That is, in October 2011, delivered 4 helicopters. - mid-November 2011 - signed the Act on the successful completion of state tests helicopter radar "Crossbow" and GOES-451. - 2011 November 25 - announced plans GOZ-2012 - more 20 attack helicopters Mi-28N and Ka-52. - 2011 - as it became known media 13.03.2012, in 2011, the Ministry of Defense and the "Oboronprom" Russian long-term contracts for the supply of 140 helicopters Ka-52.

One of the Ka-52 helicopters manufactured in 2011 or early 2012, Arseniev (photo - the press service of AAK "Progress", ). Ka-52 board №99 yellow military series manufactured in 2011 probably. 2012 (photo - Alexander Beltiukov, ).

- 2012 March 1 - a group of pilots went to South VO training center in Torzhok for the development of Ka-52 helicopters. Receipt of the first batch of Ka-52 in Southern IN expected before the end of the year, the helicopters will be based at the airbase in the Krasnodar Territory. - March 12, 2012 - the evening helicopter Ka-52 aviation center in Torzhok, piloted by an experienced pilot - squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry rakushinym ( the data is not confirmed), and a young pilot - Lieutenant Maxim Fedorov (data not verified), performed a training flight. At 21:05 with the board was lost radio contact. On the morning of March 13, the helicopter was found on the ground in 10 km from an air base in Torzhok. Co-driver died on the spot, the crew commander, was hospitalized in critical condition and later died of his injuries. "Black box" of the crashed helicopter in the near future will be extracted and sent to the transcript to determine the causes of the disaster. "The helicopter after falling almost collapsed, so the instruments for recording flight data is most likely in a satisfactory condition and will be used to determine the causes of the accident." The Ka-52 belonged to the military unit 62632D. The Ka-52 is equipped with ejection seats, which allow to save the crew in case of emergency. "According to preliminary information, the pilots did not use a catapult," - said the agency "Interfax".  This is the first crash of the helicopter Ka-52. Helicopter tail number 25220/99 (data not confirmed).

The Ka-52 at the crash site, the morning of 13.03.2012 ( ).

Ka-52 board №062 yellow, March 2012 (Photo - kabuki, ).

- 7 August 2012 - in the media announced the beginning of the assembly Ka-52K for the Russian Navy. In our opinion in the assembly first 2-4 helicopter. Presumably helicopters arrive in the Navy for testing the application on the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov"pr.11435 in 2013 - 2012 September 14 - in the media reports on the preparation of the contract for delivery for the Russian Navy helicopters Ka-52K. The first batch of helicopters is scheduled for delivery by the end of 2013 (and not at the end of 2012 as stated earlier). It is also reported that the wing to be placed on the helicopter, will be increased. - 2012 - Navy planned to enroll in the first batch of Ka-52K (Winter, 2012). - 22 February 2013 - the first batch of helicopters Ka-52 production AAK "Progress" (Arseniev Primorsky Krai) and the assembly plant "Rostvertol" (Rostov) came to the base of Army Aviation Korenovsk JUVO in the Krasnodar region. During the first half is expected to supply a JUVO about 10 Ka-52 (actually to April in the Air Force delivered at least 10).

The Ka-52 board №45 red Rostov assembly, Rostov-on-Don, February 2013 (photo - Ivan Savitsky, ).Ka-52 board №55 red Rostov assembly g .Rostov-ON-DON, February 2013 (photo - Ivan Savitsky, ). The Ka-52 airborne №№51 and 54 issues in 2013, April 2013 (photo - Sergey Ablogina, ).

- 6 June 2013 - in the TV channel broadcast "Star" reported that 6 Ka-52 airbase Korenovsk (JUVO) mastered the personnel of the air base. Judging by the staff of the program is the helicopter with the hull number 42 red, 43 red, 45 red, 48 red, 49 red, 56 red ( source ). - 2013 June 17 - in the media reported that at Le Bourget last moment was canceled demonstration flight helicopter Ka-52. - April 08, 2014 - It is reported that the plant "Progress" in Arsenyev received an order for the production of a series of Ka-52K. It is planned to build 32 helicopters for helicopter "Mistral".

The first flight of the first Ka-52K Arseniev, March 7, 2015 (photo - Alex Sukonin, ).

Basing Ka-52 helicopters at Air Force bases (04.11.2011 g):
 TorzhokChernigovka (BBO)Korenovsk (JUVO)Other bases
February 20114-  
22.05.2011, the44  
08.10.2011, the46  
01.11.2011412 (plan)  
20127 (1 crashed)12  
2013  June - at least 6
(received no later than March 2013)
42 red
43 red
45 red
48 red
49 red
56 red
55 red (February)
46 red (April)
51 red (May)
54 red (May)

Admission Ka-52 (22/12/2013 city):
 SupplyTotal Air ForceTotal NavyNote
20082 experienced   
200933 the first pilot batch machines, used CB "Kamov" test
2010-3 the remainder of the initial batch, started delivery in Torzhok in December 2010
February 201147 completion of delivery in Torzhok raised in Torzhok formally adopted by the Air Force helicopters
22.05.2011, the411? Getting the first 4 series helicopter airbase Chernigovka (Eastern Military District).The first helicopter was obtained 19.05.2011
October 2011415?  
December 20114 (radar)Plan 30 (GOZ 2009-2011)19?

 Chernigovka airbase (Eastern Military District), all in 2011 received 12 helicopters (including 4 with radar "Crossbow").
2012more than 10 (actually at least 4)23-29? 13.02.2012 city announced plans revenues in 2012 adopted parts of the Southern Military District of more than 10 Ka-52 ( )
2013At least 1033-40?+ 2-4 ??(Plan 2011).assembly Ka-52K for the Navy began in August 2012
- 22/02/2013 - The first helicopters arrived in the Southern Military District, only the first half of 2013 is expected to supply a JUVO about 10 Ka-52 (in April 2013 the BBC does not less than 10 helicopters).
201412Plan 12 (2008)12?(Plan 2011).helicopter production in 2013, at the beginning of 2014 is expected to pass the West BO
2019 140 plan (contract 2011)  

 by the end of 2008. According to media interest in supplying the Ka-52 showed three foreign state.
- 2009 - in the media discuss the possible supply of the Ka-52. Iraq - 2013 17 myunya - the media reported that at Le Bourget "Rosoboronexport" in the Agreement of 2012 (amounting to 4.3 billion USD) signed a contract for the supply of helicopters Ka-52. Later, June 18, 2013 it became known that korrespendent RIA "Novosti" misunderstood statements Mikheev ("ROE") - it was not about the Ka-52, it was about the Mi-28N . Libya - 2010-2011 g .g. - Planned conclusion of a contract for the supply of more than 10 Ka-52. The estimated contract value of 1 billion USD. Register Ka-52 (data on 06.25.2013, at work):

TypeBoard numberSerial and serial numberIssueDescription
The Ka-52061 white (for 2005)061 yellow
01, a former Ka-50 01-02 normal camouflage
1996The first prototype, built on the basis of the serial Ka-50 (№01-02), handle two types of accommodation RL (2005 and 2008). He took part in MAKS-2005 (black color) and the MAKS-2007.
- 2007-2011 - The flight test base of the plant "Kamov" / Zhulebino
The Ka-52062 yellownormal camouflage2008Pilot batch production AAK "Progress". The helicopter is the third option being followed RL (2009), took part in MAKS-2009.
- 2008-2011 - The flight test base of the plant "Kamov" / Zhulebino.
- 2011 - March 2012 - Ahtubinsk.
The Ka-52063 yellownormal camouflage
new camouflage since at least October 2012
2008 Pilot batch production AAK "Progress", is being followed by a helicopter third option RL (2009).
- 2008-2011 - The flight test base of the plant "Kamov" / Zhulebino.
- 2010 - participated in the test program Ahtubinsk
- 2011 - October 2012 - Zhulebino
The Ka-5251 yellow3538263901001usual camouflage
2009The initial batch. He took part in MAKS-2011
- 2011-2012 - The flight test base of the plant "Kamov" / Zhulebino.
- August 2012 - Ramenskoye (?)
The Ka-5252 yellownormal camouflage2009The initial batch. He took part in MAKS-2011
- 2011 G. - flight test base of the plant "Kamov" / Zhulebino.
The Ka-52Yellow 53normal camouflage2009Installation Party
- 2011 - The flight test base of the plant "Kamov" / Zhulebino.
- May 2011 - Rostov-on-Don
- July 2011, August-October 2012 (with the keel of the board №51) - Zhulebino
The Ka-5291 yellow /
red 91 RF-93230
normal camouflage Perhaps renumbered №51 or earlier - in appearance and suspension (6 hardpoints) - helicopter manufactured in 2011
- April 2012 - the 344th PPI and PLSAA in Torzhok.
- June 2012 - Lipetsk №91 with red.
The Ka-5292 yellow December 2010 - February 2011He took part in MAKS-2011
- June 2011, winter 2011-2012 - 344th PPI and PLSAA Torzhok
- September 2011 - The airfield Volga, exercise "Shield-2011" (?)
The Ka-5293 yellow December 2010 - February 2011- June, 2011 - the 344th PPI and PLSAA Torzhok
- February 2012 - repair
The Ka-5294 yellow3538264003004December 2010 - February 2011- June, 2011 - the 344th PPI and PLSAA Torzhok
- July 2011 - participated in the cabin IMDS-2011 in St. Petersburg
- September 2011 - The airfield Volga, exercise "Shield-2011" (?).
The Ka-5295 yellow December 2010 - February 2011- June, 2011 - the 344th PPI and PLSAA Torzhok 
The Ka-5296 yellownew painting2011?- August 2012 - Ramenskoye, the 100th anniversary of the Air Force
The Ka-5297 yellownew painting2011?- 344th PPI and PLSAA in Torzhok, 2012 
The Ka-5298 yellownew painting2011?- April 2012 - the 344th PPI and PLSAA in Torzhok.
- August 2012 - Zhulebino
The Ka-5299 yellownew painting2011?Serial probably manufactured in 2011 , the Crashed 12.03.2012
The Ka-5231 yellow
normal camouflage2011?Probably helicopter manufactured in 2011, but without on-board defense system with 4 nodes suspension under the wing.
- 2011-2012 - Chernigovka airbase
- August 2012 - 100 years of the Air Force - Khabarovsk - Central
The Ka-5232 yellow?normal camouflage?2011?Presumably, the same as the board №31
The Ka-5233 yellownew painting2011?- 2011-2012, - Chernigovka airbase
The Ka-5234 yellownew painting2011?- 2011-2012, - Chernigovka airbase
The Ka-5221 yellownew painting2012?Building on AAK "Progress" (April 2012)
- March 2013 - AB Chernigovka
The Ka-5222 yellownew painting2012?Building on AAK "Progress" (April 2012)
- March 2013 - AB Chernigovka
The Ka-5223 yellownew painting2012?Building on AAK "Progress" (April 2012)
- March 2013 - AB Chernigovka
The Ka-5202 yellownew painting2012?Building on AAK "Progress" (April 2012)
- March 2013 - AB Chernigovka
The Ka-5242 red
43 red
45 red
48 red
49 red
56 red
new painting2013Final assembly - ROSTVERTOL
02/22/2013 - first helicopters arrived in JUVO, only the first half of 2013 is expected to supply a JUVO about 10 Ka-52. Board 45 red - February - already flying.
- June 2013 - AB Korenovsk JUVO
- №48 red board - August 2013 - MAKS-2013
The Ka-5255 rednew painting2013Final assembly - Rostvertol (February 2013)
The Ka-5246 Red
new painting2013Final assembly - Rostvertol (possible).
- April 2013 - Kubinka
The Ka-5251 Red
new painting2013Final assembly - Rostvertol (possible).
- May 2013 - Migalovo / Tver
- Summer 2013 - Torzhok ( source )
The Ka-5254 Red
new painting2013Final assembly - Rostvertol (possible).
- May 2013 - Migalovo / Tver
The Ka-52  2013December 10, 2013 IN Zapadonomu transferred first helicopters party. Until the end of the year the number of helicopters in the secondary cooling zone consisting of 12 cars.
The Ka-52  2013At the end of December 2013 being the acceptance of more than 10 helicopters for the West BO factory in Arseniev. Delivery in the Russian Armed Forces will be held at the beginning of 2014 ( source )
Ka-52K  2013?Assembling 2-4 decked Ka-52K started in August 2012

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