Monday, 8 July 2013

VIDEO: MBDA's HOPLITE Indirect Precision Attack Concept

Just happened to see this video put out by MBDA of their newest Concept Vision series projects called the CVS302 HOPLITE unveiled recently at the Paris Air Show. MBDA calls it an "Indirect Precision Attack capability for land and naval artillery in 2035 and beyond".

In a statement they sent out, they offered this description of the the system: The HOPLITE system consists of a mission control system, and two missile variants, HOPLITE-S and HOPLITE- L both of which can fly 70km in under two minutes at low altitude or up to 160km at high altitude in under four minutes when the way is clear. The system is able to quickly and safely traverse contested airspaces, and closely coordinate salvo firings to provide an exceptional fire support capability to the front line. HOPLITE’s one shot one kill precision simplifies operations while reducing collateral damage risk and mission cost.

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