Monday, 8 July 2013

India plans to upgrade T-90 Main Battle Tank

According to latest media reports, India plans to upgrade Russian made T-90 tanks with latest technologies to keep it modern and fighting fit for next decade, Indian authorities have all ready had a meeting with makers of the tank in Russia recently and are planning on list of key technologies which will be part of the major upgrades planned by India.

Russia had showcased T-90MS upgraded tank in last defence expo and were keen to sale it to India, but India will be working in incorporating some local technologies in tank along with some Russian equipment s and are not interested in purchasing upgraded tank offered by Russia.

Major upgrades to the tanks planned is Automatic Target tracker which once locked will track the target in auto mode with full 360 degree coverage without inputs from gunner; another upgrade planned will be see improved Thermal Imager for better Night Fighting capability. Most of the upgrades planned with enhance tanks fighting in modern warfare.

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