Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Shape up or lose promotion, Army officers told

As lifestyle disorders take a large number of people into their grip, leading to several ailments, the Indian Army is concerned about the fitness level of its officers.

In a bid to make its officers fall in line and follow strict fitness regime, the Army has come out with a new diktat for the officers above the age of 50 years — No fitness, No promotion.

After crossing 50 years, military officers generally took it easy in terms of fitness, as they were no more subjected to regular fitness tests. This, Army sources feel, was turning out to be counterproductive as growing number of senior offices were reporting lifestyle ailments.

Military personnel, who generally follow better health regime, in terms of exercise and eating habits, have of late started showing signs of complacency, resulting in obesity, pre-hypertension conditions and dangerously high-level of bad cholesterol.

On the recommendations of Army Institute of Physical Training, Pune, which carried out a comprehensive analysis of fitness regime of military personnel, particularly of high-ranked officers, the Army has given its nod to new fitness tests.

Under the new fitness regime, every officer will have to pass a physical fitness test, which will include 2500 metres running, a 100-metre sprint and sit-ups and push-ups. The tests would be carried out three to four times annually. The officers will also have to undergo a Battle Proficiency Test also under which an officer will be made to run five km, including 60 metres of sprint in combat dress and jumping across a nine-foot-wide ditch.

The Combat Tests will test the officer’s endurance to the hilt as they will be asked to pass a 20-km route-march. According to Army officials, this is a must to keep army higher-ups fit and fine as they are expected to perform their duties in diverse, tough and demanding terrains.

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