Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Israeli navy equipping warships with Indo-Israeli Barak-8 missile system

The Israeli Navy has Begun outfitting its main Battleships with a new missile system amid Growing threats posed by Syria ’s alleged Stockpile of advanced Anti-Ship missiles, the Yisrael Hayom Daily reported Sunday.

The Barak 8, co-developed by India and Israel, is a medium-range surface-to-air missile designed to defend against varied threats, including anti-ship missiles, manned aircraft, drones and supersonic cruise missiles.

The missile has a maximum speed of Mach 2 and a maximum operational range of 70 km. The system’s radar enables operators to simultaneously engage multiple targets, and intercept an incoming enemy missile as close as 500 meters from a naval craft.

The Navy’s procurement of the Barak 8, put off for years since the system’s Development was largely completed in 2010, constitutes a Response to the Growing Threat posed by Russia N-produced Yakhont “Ship killing Cruise missiles” said to be in Syria’s Possession, Yisrael Hayom said.

“No ships in history have been capable of controlling vast expanses like the Israel Navy will be able to with the Barak 8,” Yisrael Hayom cited a source “familiar with the details” as saying.

The navy is installing the missile on its Sa’ar 5-class warships. Naval officers estimated that the system will become fully operational in the coming months, according to the report.

Yet, the military’s comment on the report was not immediately available.

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