Monday, 1 October 2012

Sukhoi-30MKI Completes 10 years in Indian Air Force

It was September 27, 2002 at Lohegaon Air Force Base, Pune, exactly over a decade ago. When Indian air force was Inducting into its force an aircraft which world had never seen before, a true 4++ Gen Fighter aircraft. Which made Indian air force first air force in the world to operate and induct a Thrust vectoring engine enabled aircraft (F-22 was not inducted at that point of time).

First batch of Sukhoi-30MKI was handed over to IAF’s most decorated squadron, No.20 Lightnings, and most of the pilots and crews were mainly drawn from the, No.24 squadron which then operated 18 Sukhoi-30k (su-27UB) aircrafts. It has been an Incredible journey for aircraft and the men who operated it, from small order of 40 aircrafts, current order has passed 270 + and more than 160 aircrafts have already been inducted into Indian airforce.

Sukhoi-30MKI even after a decade of its Induction is still the most advance fighter aircraft in the Asian region and to keep it fighting fit and Advance in the region, India will soon enter into a agreement with Russian to commence “Super 30 ” upgrade program , which will bring many well needed technological upgrades to the aircraft . Some of things which have been planned under”Super 30” upgrade is Bringing in Advance AESA Radar , RCS Reductions , Integrations of Better BVR Missiles (Meteor BVR Missiles) and the most important, integration of supersonic Cruise missile BrahMos and Nirbhay in to it.

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