Friday, 26 October 2012

India, Brazil & South Africa to Hold Joint Naval Drill “IBSAMAR”

 South African Naval Lynx landing on INS Mysore

The navies of India, Brazil and South Africa are set to embark on their biannual naval exercise 

 INS Aditya alongwith SAS Amatola and BNS Niteroi

INS Mysore .. which is part of the team

 INS ADITYA Fleet Tanker on route to Durban:

 INS GANGA the second of the guided-missile frigates:

 INS TABAR one of the guided-missle frigates comes in Durban habour:

“IBSAMAR”. A spokesperson of the Navy said the exercises were meant to promote greater interoperability and foster synergy among the Indian Navy and other participating navies.

Having initially involved only basic operations, the current interaction would feature advanced aspects of the naval warfare, including anti-air, anti-surface and anti-submarine operations.

The Indian Navy has been conducting formalised exercises annually with several foreign navies over the past several years, such as the “VARUNA” series with the French Navy, the “INDRA” series with the Russian Navy and the “KONKAN” series with the Royal Navy (UK).

The professional skills and experiences exchanged during these interactions enhance cooperation and lead to better understanding of finer nuances of naval operations as well as disaster management and combating maritime threats of terrorism and piracy. With the success of such interactions, the scale of complexity of these exercises is growing by the year.

Four Indian warships, INS-Mysore, Tabar, Ganga and Aditya, are deployed on a goodwill visit to several maritime nations of Africa and South Indian Ocean. These will move on for the exercise with Brazil and South Africa.

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