Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Airbus A330 wins IAF Tanker Tender

Recent Media Reports are Indicating that A330 from Airbus , has emerged winner of the Indian air force’s Aerial Tanker Requirement. current tender is a repeat of tender of 2006 , where IAF had selected   A330 from Airbus but it was rejected by India’s Finance Ministry since it was not the L1 bidder and IL-78 was cheapest and had quested why IAF wanted a different aircraft when IAF already had Il-78 under its current fleet .
Russians have Quoted price lesser than  A330 from Airbus , but after considering spares and support factors , IAF again has preferred A330 from Airbus . IAF Chief few years back had complaint poor availability of spares provided from Russian company for their current fleet of IL-78 tankers .
If this bid is rejected again by India’s Finance Ministry  , then it will allow Boeing to enter next Tender process since Boeing had not participated in last tender process to concentrate on American air forces tanker deal which it has won already . Russians in past few years have assured availability of spares will be better again , when Modernized IL-78 aircrafts will re-enter Production soon in 2015 .

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