Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Crucial indigenous warships to enter service in 2013

Year 2013 will be a momentous year for the Indian Navy with two crucial indigenous warship platforms entering operational service. Both ships will be lead ships of their class and there will be a large attention paid to how they acquit themselves in their intended roles.

The first of three Project 15A destroyers INS Kolkata (being completed at the Mazagon Dock Ltd in Mumbai) and the first of four Project 28 anti-submarine warfare corvettes, INS Kamorta (being completed at GRSE in Kolkata), will be commissioned into the Indian Navy. Both platforms have a high degree of indigenous content and are of entirely Indian design and construction, therefore representing a big leap in Indian warship building know-how.

Coupled with the continuing entry into service of the Project 17 stealth frigates of the Shivalik-class, India has a formidable catalogue of ocean-going warships that it will also now look to export to friendly nations.

Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral D.K. Joshi has indicated that 2013 will also see the induction of one catamaran hull survey vessel, one offshore patrol vessel and 16 fast interceptor craft for coastal protection and interdiction. "Over the next five years, we expect to induct ships/submarines at an average rate of five-six ships per year.

Amongst the major projects under construction in Indian shipyards, are ships of Kolkata Class (P-15A), P- 15B ships which are an advanced version of the Kolkata Class and the P-75 submarines, all at Mazagaon Dock Limited, Mumbai. Anti-surface warfare corvettes are being series built at Garden Reach Shipbuilders, Kolkata. In addition, naval offshore patrol vessels are under construction both at public and private sector shipyards. The construction of the indigenous aircraft carrier though delayed is now picking up pace at Kochi Shipyard," he said.

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