Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New interceptor missile test in July : DRDO

V.K. Saraswat Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister, told The Hindu , That  the next interceptor missile test will be conducted at a higher altitude of 100-150 km in July it would be the most important one. “We have developed a new interceptor missile for it.”
Sources close to idrw.org have informed us that new Interceptor missile will be  named the PDV , which is a advanced variant of Prithiv interceptor missile , In Current Phase – I Advanced Air Defense (AAD) missile and Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) forms a combination which are used to intercept enemy ballistic missiles . but PDV  new missile will be replacing PAD and will have performance improvement .
PDV is a  two-stage missile and both the stages will be powered by solid propellants. where else PAD was also a  two-stage missile but first stage was solid fueled motor while the second stage was Liquid fueled, it will also have  IIR seeker . once PDV is tested successfully , Phase-I of India’s Ballistic Missile Defence  (BMD) will be completed and Mumbai and Delhi will likely get PDV and AAD cover against missile defence by year end .
Phase-II will cover development of two new missile (AD-1 and AD-2) interceptors that can intercept IRBMs, new missile will be similar to the THAAD missile deployed by the U.S.A. These missiles will travel at hyper sonic speeds and will require radars with scan capability of over 1,500 km (930 mi) to successfully intercept the target and likely will be ready for deployment by 2016.

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