Monday, 20 May 2013

India unlikely to station troops in Afghanistan

Certain section of media have been reporting that India in 2014 might re-consider positioning Indian army troops in Afghanistan after US troops move out of the country but Sources close to have informed that it is unlikely India will consider such request . In past India has turned downed such direct requests from United States and Afghanistan.
The key challenge is  to ensure Karzai has enough residual capacity to prevent Taliban from regaining power in the country and India is determined to play a key role in Afghan security,  ANA [Afghan National Army]  has been trained in India and Afghanistan and troops training will also be carried out even post 2014 said the source .
Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel’s are already in Afghanistan to provide security to Indians posted in the war-ravaged country. Key projects are funded by India are coming up in Afghanistan which will be under threat from Pakistani backed insurgents who in past have targeted Indians. India in past have provided Military Grade Trucks and other non lethal weapons to Afghan forces and have recently agreed to provide weapons and upgrade old Soviet-era weaponry.

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