Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Let’s learn about the DRDO

Last week, there was an exciting piece of news in the paper… India is working to develop robotic soldiers as part of its efforts to boost unmanned fighting capabilities. These robotic soldiers can differentiate between a threat and a friend!
Many countries have joined hands in this endeavour. This project has been undertaken by the DRDO. How many of you know what DRDO actually means?
DRDO is the Defence Research & Development Organisation which comes under the ambit of the ministry of Defence. The main job for this organisation is to design and develop world class weapon systems and equipment. Their work makes us self-reliant in defence systems. The three services of the country – army, navy and air force – lays down their requirements and DRDO works towards fulfilling the same.
DRDO works in various areas of military technologies which includes aeronautics, armaments, combat vehicles, and electronics to name a few. The work of the DRDO also benefits the society. DRDO continuously strives towards making India a world-class science and technology base apart from providing the best solutions.
DRDO works closely with academic institutions, research and development Centres and the Science and Technology Ministry, to meet the requirements of the armed forces. A team of dedicated and skilled people work for the DRDO. The scientists and engineers are recruited through a national-level competitive exam called the Scientist Entry Test, which is held every year. Apart from this, recruitments also take place through campus interviews.
The organisation has a DRTC team as well. The Defence Research Technical Cadres (DRTC) assist scientists and engineers who are involved in the R & D work.
Admin and Allied Cadres provide administrative and establishment support. So now you know who is behind the success of our armed forces.

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