Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Indian Navy to hold rescue drill in Da Nang

During the four days friendship visit to Vietnam, besides the cultural, sports exchange, the Indian Navy will have a joint rescue rehearsal with the Vietnam Navy in the East Sea.
At noon on June 4, four naval ships of the Eastern Fleet of India, including INS Satpura guided missile frigate (F48), INS Shakti logistics ship (A57), INS Ranvijay destroyer (D55) and INS Kirch escort vessel (P62), carrying 1,200 officers and sailors, docked at Tien Sa Port (Da Nang) to begin the four-day visit to this city, from June 4 to 8.
At the welcome ceremony, the representative of the High Command of People’s Navy of Vietnam appreciated the visit of the Indian Navy, to tighten the diplomatic relations between the two countries and to promote cooperation in the military and non-military sectors in the future.
Representing the Indian Navy, Rear Admiral Ajit Kumar P, Commander of the Eastern Fleet, said he was very moved to receive a warm welcome from Vietnam. “The Indian Navy and the Vietnam Navy have deep ties, cooperation and development in areas such as training crew for submarines, providing additional, support equipment for the Vietnam navy…,” he said.
Recognizing the importance of the East Sea for countries in the region in economic development, security and defense … Rear Admiral Ajit Kumar P said: “India respects the island and marine sovereignty of the countries in the East Sea. I believe and expect that in the future, leaders of these countries will find a common voice for the East Sea issue in the spirit of peace, adhere to international law.”
He said in a recent visit, the Indian Navy and the Malaysian Navy had a rehearsal on May 23. Rear Admiral Ajit Kumar P also revealed that on June 8, when the four Indian ships leave Tien Sa port, there will have a small exercise with the Vietnam Navy on rescue in the East Sea.
“In the future, I hope that the Vietnam Navy and Indian Navy will have exercises at higher levels,” Rear Admiral Ajit Kumar P added.
It is expected that the Indian navy would have a courtesy meeting with the leaders of Da Nang City, the High Command of Military Region V and the High Command of Navy Region 3. The Indian ships will also open for the Indian community in Vietnam and 90 children from Center for Street Children Protection of Da Nang. There will have expertise exchange between the High Command of Navy Region 3 with the crew of INS Satpura and a lot of sport and cultural exchange activities between the two navies.
On 8/6, the four Indian Navy ships will leave Tien Sa port.
The guided missile destroyer INS Satpura has 50 officers and 350 sailors. It is 143 m long, 17 m wide, with a tonnage of 5,300 tons, speed of up to 32 nautical miles per hour.
The INS Shakti logistics ship carries 30 officers and 200 sailors. It is 175 m long, 25 m wide, with a tonnage of 27,500 tons, speed of up to 20 nautical miles per hour.
The INS Ranvijay destroyer has 50 officers and 400 sailors. It is 146m long, 15.8 m wide, weighing 4,974 tons and speed of 35 nautical miles per hour. The INS Kirch corvette has a tonnage of 1,460 tons, 91m in length, 10.5 m in width, and speed of up to 25 nautical miles per hour. This corvette carries 170 officers and sailors.

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