Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Indian Army for heavy recovery vehicle

The Indian Army is looking to procure an unspecified number of heavy recovery vehicles to recover stalled, overturned or broken down heavy or armored vehicles of the forces. The Army is looking for a vehicle capable of providing recovery cover for vehicles over 15 tonnes in all terrain (desert, plains, marshy ground, rocky ground and to a limited extent in mountains upto 4,500 meters above sea level).
 It needs to be capable of un-ditching, up-righting, extricating and pulling wheeled vehicles upto 26 tonnes. It needs to have a lifespan of over 1,00,000 km. With a great deal of inductions ahead of heavy and armored vehicles, the Army requires a great deal of back-up crash support in all theaters. BEML’s HRV AV-15 (see photo) will be a contender in any competition that is announced. As reported earlier by SP’s, the Army is in the process of inducting over 7,000 new vehicles: 3,500 light bullet proof vehicles (LBPV), 2,500 infantry mobility vehicles, an unspecified number of light-armored multipurpose vehicles, 500-600 light specialty strike specialist vehicles and 228 light strike vehicles, in addition to tanks and utility trucks.

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