Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The day Pakistan was nearly Destroyed by India

INS Jalashwa L 41 Amphibious Assault Ship
Prahaar Short Range Theater Ballistic Missile
Main Battle Tanks in Exercise
The Mirage 2000 Multi Role Fighter
Navy Simulating Amphibious Landing
  On the day 26/11 the Pakistani Govt  Sponsored Terrorists Attacked 
Indian Economic City Mumbai and Killing 164 innocent Lives of Indians and other Countries 
Citizens. The Attack feared the growth of Terrorists Sponsoring states like Palestine, Iran and Syria. 
So long, Pakistan also Joined the Club by supporting the Terrorists to attack its Enemy. 
Same like Palestine for Hamas, Iran for Hezbollah. But, Pakistan has more Connections hiding 
Osama in their Bedroom and Openly supporting the TTP. 

After the Attack on Mumbai India plans to strike some predesignated terrorist camps inside Pakistan. 
The numbers exceeded more than 5000 targets. While the Israeli officials openly acknowledged 
that they support the Indian Operations and are ready to provide any Technical assistance to 
Indian Forces. The same announcement also comes from the George Bush Regime and his 
foreign counterpart also agreed to provide for any kind of support to the Indian Forces.     

 In the Beginning of December 2008, The US Senator Openly Bomb shelled. 
If Pakistan can't arrest the Terrorists who were behind the 26/11 the Indian Forces can do 
Aerial Runs for predesignated attacks. while later the Indian Air force western 
Command chief openly admitted that IAF has already marked 5000 targets inside Pakistan. and 
IAF has also the capability of launching attacks from Indian Soil by using 
Standoff Missiles fired from Fighter Jets or Can do Aerial bombing runs over the 
Predesignated Attacks. those known predesignated target co ordinates formerly 
provided by the Israeli Intelligence Mossad and the Indian Intelligence RAW.

 When Pakistani intelligence sniffed and heard Indian Air force Plans, 
they informed the Pakistani Air force prepare for self defence and counter Attack. 
Meanwhile some Indian and western Defence Analysts quoted that India may conduct a 
Short sharp war to destroy terrorists camps inside Pakistan Thus the plan, also created fear among 
the Pakistani government and the Pakistani Prime minister  they again and again met the tri-service 
officials to prepare for self defence and Counter attack If Indian Airforce start the Bomb run. 
At the same moment Pakistani air Force was on red alert and they started running 
CAP ( Combat Air Patrol ) along the Border territories 24x7. The most Pakistani's thought 
that they are on war right now.  

Also there were plans to use farkhor Air base for secondary strikes.

Further Confirming the Indian Airforce Mulit Role fighter Mirage 2000 and Mig 29 fighters 
circling the nearby border areas of Rajastan and Amirtsar and the residents were also 
instructed to prepare for Reallocation. The Pakistani's were nearly Pissed when they heard  
these preparations from Indian side. The Pakistani's think that Indian Mig's can provide escort 
and engage aerial threats to pave way to the Mirages starts the Bombing Run. when some 
Intercepted Audio signals published by US clearly mentioning the Pakistani's yelling we will 
fight till our last blood. This, that clearly indicates that Pakistani soldiers think that they wouldn't 
be able to fight such a Large and Massive Indian Forces Backed by Americans and the Israeli's.  

 Indian Air force was completely Prepared for the Coordinated Strike. It's now the Indian Army 
who was also threatened that the Pakisani do not cross the order when our Fighters cleared the 
Designated strikes. For that Indian Army Nearly Mobilized some 50000 Troops and 500+ 
Armoured Main Battle Tanks to the Frontier This further added more fear to the Pakistani's 
and what they thought was that once Fighters leave from Pakistan the Indian Army will come 
inside Pakistan and Destroy the Balance Targets this added more fuel into the Matter when a 
Israeli officials said in a Interview to the western media that India may do a Lebanon in Pakistan 
and Israeli support for that. that makes Pakistan more feared of Indian Control of entire Pakistan. 
Not only they feared about Indian Ground forces the real nightmare is that India deployed more 
Number of Short Range Theater Ballistic Missiles and Long Range Artillery's. and also the 
Pinaka MBRL and Prahar Short Range Ballistic Missiles and deployed some unknown number 
of Brahmos Batteries. they also denoted that India Brings the Cold start Doctrine by Mobilizing 
some 50000+ combat soldiers to the Border withing two days. also the Previous 
Border Security Forces along the Border boosts the Capability of Both Offensive and 
Defensive missions.   

 To counter the Indian Forces, Pakistani Forces also Mobilized it's troops to protect the 
Pakistani cities Lahore and Islamabad and some other Divisions that head back to the 
International Border area near to the Rajastan Border. The Rajastani BSF IG told publicly 
that they monitored more military movement near to the Border area inside Pakistan. 
while India also deployed Battle Management  systems and Radars outposts to detect 
Pakistani Movements. 

The Indian Navy also ready to some Massive damage to Pakistani Navy and their 
Port Cities they bring their Warships ready to Bombard Karachi where India also Planned to 
Amphibious Assault near to the Pakistani coastal Cities. they bring some Destroyers escorted 
by Frigates along with Landing Ships and The Biggest US Supplied INS Jalashwa Amphibious 
Assault Ship. When Pakistani's notified Indian Movements clearly showcasing not only a 
Short sharp war but completely making Pakistan as Lebanon.  

When India was all set for Destroying the Terrorists Sponsoring Pakistan who killed
 Number of Indians. and the Pakistani's also started counting their days.
 as I earlier mentioned More Numbers of Pakistani's were already in Chaos that their 
Army is not ready and They are the next. they really thought that they are in a war situation right now.
 When Pakistan had no chance to survive from Indian Plans of Attacking them,  
their last hope is their Nuke Batteries. The Indian Army Officials  
identified their Plans of using Nukes. So Indian Officils called the Pakistani officials 
through the Red Telephone or hot Line to ensure not using the Nuke Bombs. 
India also warned the Pakistani's do not ever try for any misadventures in your Nuke sites. 
the Nuke issue also was clearly and closely watched by the Israeli officials as 
they were also setting up their Elite Assault Group on standby Mode. 
The Jewish state was also Threatened  by Pakistan by its nukes Several times. 
Meanwhile US and England's MI 5 and MI 6 were also on high alert  to avert 
Pakistan using their Nukes.  

When no Options were left for surviving, Pakistan finally takes its next action to 
beg the western countries to ask India to stop Attacking Pakistan. 
The Phone calls were flying towards Islamabad and allover the World and begged
 " Please stop India they are coming ".  

On December 22, 2008 India Starts Firing Exercise in  three Firing Ranges nearby Border, 
and the Ships sounded their Horn. 

Once India gave Lives to 93000 Pakistani's, Now
India Gives Lives to entire Pakistan, But they again forget our Help  

I must say I will never Forgive Never Forget 

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