Sunday, 30 September 2012

IAF Deployment across India

Adampur AFS: 8 Wing’s 47 Black Archers sqn & 223 Tridents sqn with MiG-29B-12s

Ambala AFS: 7 Wing’s 3 Cobras, 5 Tuskers & 14 Bulls sqns with MiG-21 Bison & Jaguar IS
Bareilly AFS: 15 Wing’s 8 Eight Pursoots & 24 Hunting Hawks sqns with Su-30MKI

Bhatinda AFS: 34 Wing’s 17 Golden Arrows sqn with Su-30MKI

Bhuj AFS: 27 Wing’s 15 Flying Lancers Sqn with MiG-21 Bison

Gorakhpur AFS: 17 Wing’s 16 Black Cobras sqn & 27 Flaming Arrows sqn with Jaguar IS

Chabua AFS: 14 Wing’s 102 Trisonics sqn with Su-30MKI

Gwalior AFS: 40 Wing’s 1 Tigers sqn, 7 Battleaxes sqn & 9 Wolfpack sqn with Mirage 2000H/TH

Halwara AFS: 34 Wing’s 22 Swifts sqn with MiG-27UPG & 220 Desert Tigers sqn with Su-30MKI

Hashimara AFS: 16 Wing’s 222 Tigersharks sqn with MiG-27UPG

Jamnagar AFS: 33 Wing’s 6 Dragons sqn with Jaguar IM & 28 First Supersonics sqn with MiG-29B-12

Jodhpur AFS: 32 Wing’s 10 Winged Daggers sqn, 29 Scorpions sqn & 37 Panthers sqn with MiG-27UPG, 32 Thunderbirds sqn with MiG-21 Bison & 31 Lions sqn with Su-30MKI

Kalaikunda AFS: 5 Wing’s 18 Flying Bullets sqn with MiG-27M

Pathankot AFS: 18 Wing’s 26 Warriors sqn with MiG-21 Bison, 108 Hawkeyes sqn with MiG-21M & 125 Gladiators HU with Mi-25/Mi-35P

Pune/Lohegaon AFS: 2 Wing’s 20 Lightnings sqn & 30 Rhinos sqn with Su-30MKI

Naliya AFS: 12 FBSU’s 45 Flying Daggers sqn with MiG-21 Bison & 101 Falcons sqn with MiG-21M

Sirsa AFS: 45 Wing’s 21 Ankush sqn with MiG-21 Bison

Srinagar AFS: 1 Wing’s 51 Sword Arms sqn with MiG-21 Bison

Phalodi/Suratgarh AFS: 35 Wing’s 23 Panthers sqn with MiG-21 Bison & 104 Firebirds HU with Mi-35P

Tezpur AFS: 11 Wing’s 2 Winged Arrows sqn with Su-30MKI

Uttarlai AFS: 5 FBSU’s 4 Oorials sqn with MiG-21 Bison
The above accounts for 3 Sqns with MiG-29B-12, 9 Sqns with MiG-21 Bison, 2 Sqns with MiG-21M Type 88 (due for decommissioning later this year, following which the squadrons will convert to Su-30MKIs), 4 Sqns with Jaguar IS, 1 Sqn with Jaguar IM, 9 Sqns with Su-30MKIs, 3 Sqns with Mirage 2000H/TH, 3 Sqns with MiG-27UPG, 2 Sqns with MiG-27M, making a total of 36 squadrons. Although the sanctioned strength of the IAF is 42 combat aircraft squadrons (which is due for increase to 50 squadrons by 2024, at least on paper), the IAF’s operational strength till 2005 stood at 39.5 combat aircraft squadrons.

Presently, 470 combat aircraft, inclusive of reserves, belong to the MiG family, including 122 MiG-21 Bison, 40 MiG-27UPGs, 105 MiG-27Ms and 63 MiG-29B-12s now being upgraded to UPG standard. Su-30MKI deliveries now stand at 162 units. Add to that the 120 Jaguar IS that will undergo a deep upgrade, plus 51 Mirage 2000H/THs that too will be upgraded, plus the 10 existing Jaguar IMs and two Tejas Mk1 squadrons with 40 aircraft, and one derives a total of 916 units. To be ordered are another 40 Su-30MKIs, 189 Rafales, 83 Tejas Mk2s and 214 FGFAs. Consequently, by 2020, the projected IAF fleet of combat aircraft can be estimated to include 311 Su-30MKIs, 54 Rafales, 63 MiG-29UPGs, 51 Mirage 2000UPGs, 120 Jaguar IS(UPG), 40 MiG-27UPGs, 10 Jaguar IMs, 40 Tejas Mk1s, 24 Tejas Mk2s and 24 FGFAs, making for a grand total of 737 units, which will be just enough to equip 40 squadrons.
The shortfall could well have been minimised had the IAF in 2005 decided to undertake a deep upgrade for its 145 MiG-27Ms by re-engining each of them with AL-31F turbofans and equipping them with DARIN 3-type mission avionics, which would have extended their service lives by 20 years. This alone would have ensured that the IAF would, by 2020, have 46 combat aircraft-equipped squadrons.

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